"Facing The Mirror"

Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh, an Iranian born American plastic surgeon has dedicated his life to offering hope and healing to those whose lives and bodies have been ravaged by war. Through the stories of a four-year-old boy and a middle-aged man, both disfigured in the recent war in Iraq, this film puts a human face on war's collateral damage and presents a lyrical journey of a doctor whose 'past' enables him to relate to the 'present' of his patients. 

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Director/Producer: Sara Khaki

Cinematographer: Sara Khaki

Editor: Sara Khaki

Made in association with the School of Visual Arts (SVA)

A successful Indiegogo Campaign, a Crowd sourcing Fund


Honorable Mention at the International Film Awards Berlin | Berlin, Germany2013
Winner of ‘Ready, Set, Pitch!’ at CAAMFest | San Francisco, CA 2013
Award of Excellence from the Best Shorts Competition | La Jolla, CA 2012
Alumni Scholarship Award | School of Visual Arts | New York, NY 2012
Merit Scholarship Award | School of Visual Arts | New York, NY 2011 

Winner of Docademia war and conflict competition | Chicago, 2017

Available for viewing at Docadamia, documentary films for Academia